The Impact Centre in Mutholath Nagar at Cherpunkal, Kottayam District, Kerala State furnishes temporary residence to persons coming from distant areas, those who use the Mutholath Auditorium, and Good Samaritan Resource and Training Centre. It is also suitable for residential camps and conferences, providing air-conditioned rooms, conference halls, and a chapel. The centre is equipped with food and transportation services. This revenue will finance the Community-Based Rehabilitation programs of Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan, both of which are in Mutholath Nagar.


Considering the need for revenue to sustain the CBR programs for the differently abled at the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan and the felt need for the public, Fr Abraham Mutholath funded the construction cost of the Impact Centre. His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt laid the foundation stone for the building on October 27, 2019. Despite the COVID-19 issues, the construction progressed under the guidance of Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Diocesan Director Fr. Alex Akkapparambil, KSSS director Fr. Sunil Perumanoor and under the supervision of Fr. James Vadakkekandamkariyil.

Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt blessed and inaugurated the Impact Centre on December 13, 2020. Mr. Thomas Chazhikadan MP presided over the meeting and Mr. Mons Joseph MLA, Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Forane Vicar Fr. Joy Kattiyangal, and Sr. Saly SVM spoke on the occasion.

The expansion work of the Impact Centre is in progress under the leadership of Fr. James Vadakkekandamkary. Its blessing and inauguration will be on July 27, 2023.


  1. A residential institution for the training camps in Good Samaritan Centre for the disabled and their trainers at the state or national level.
  2. A residential facility for social service and pastoral programs.
  3. A facility available for the residential programs of other organizations.
  4. Rooms available for those who reserve Mutholath Auditorium for weddings or other functions.
  5. Its air-conditioned rooms with facilities for food and transportation will be available for Keralites coming from abroad for a few days or weeks.

The income from the Impact Center will be used for the CBR programs at Mutholath Nagar.


2019 October 27: Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt laid the foundation stone for the Impact Centre at Mutholath Nagar, Cherpunkal.

2020 December 13: Blessing and inauguration of Impact Centre, Cherpunkal by Mar Mathew Moolakkatt. Mr. Thomas Chazhikadan MP presided over the meeting and Mr. Mons Joseph MLA spoke on the occasion.

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