Human life is heavily reliant on relationships. Mutual love and support are essential for a meaningful life. The Agape Movement, similar to the early Christian community, has a goal of strengthening the relationships of its participants. This includes participants, benefactors, funding entities, executing parties, and recipients of help. All are equally important for the Agape Movement. Contributors will be rewarded with the love and prayers of those who receive. The recipients are showing their love and prayer to those who support them. All of us are attempting to form a society of love, justice, and tranquility.

The Agape Movement has the belief that God is the father of all people and that everything belongs to Him. As children of God, all individuals are of equal value. We have the responsibility to take care of all that God has given us, including health, talent, opportunities, and abundance. It is important that we share our resources with our brothers and sisters. Jesus has enlightened us to be attentive to the less fortunate in our society. In the spirit of Jesus, we love all people without distinction of beliefs, customs, or nationality, and strive to help them further their development in society.

All spiritual and community leaders urge us to express love and help the disadvantaged in our society. It is important to take precautions to prevent idleness and reliance on the recipients. Our help should be directed towards helping people become self-reliant. The Agape Movement backs organizations that use developmental methods and to assist individuals who are members of self-help groups.

Donations from all faiths will be accepted and used in accordance with the donors’ intentions. All individuals who are eligible for aid will receive it with no distinction. All donations for the Christian program will be used exclusively for that purpose, and all contributions for social service activities will be employed solely for that purpose.


The Agape Movement strives:

To develop a loving relationship with all involved in the Agape Movement, including the donors, sponsoring organizations, implementing agencies and recipients.

To share our love and resources with those who need our care and support.

To seek the contributions of individuals and foundations or other organizations for the integral development of the people in need and to support the deserving mission activities.

To help social service agencies and Christian missionaries in developing countries, with a focus on India. Kottayam Social Service Society (KSSS), Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS) are our officially recognized implementing agencies in Kerala. These are the official social service departments of the Archdiocese of Kottayam. We also implement pastoral programs through other institutions of Catholic Dioceses in India.

To arrange opportunities for donors and the public to learn about the issues facing the marginalized and those who work for the marginalized.

To organize meetings, multimedia presentations, websites, publications to educate the public on social service.

To directly support deserving individuals or institutions in the United States and India.

To establish the corporation’s own welfare and developmental programs for people who need help.

To do all things necessary to accomplish the objectives of any religious, developmental, or charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.


The Agape Movement helps the people it serves by engaging in different projects. However, the corporation also respects the wishes of the donors. Agape Movement offers the following classes of help:

Sponsorship Programs: These include donor-sponsored programs that provide onetime help or ongoing help. For example, sponsor house construction, house repair, student, or seminarian.

Donor-recommended Projects: If a donor asks about supporting a particular person, organization, or village that is under the Agape Movement’s objectives, it will be considered.


Fr. Abraham Mutholath, the former director of Kottayam Social Service Society in Kerala, established the Agape Movement on July 13, 2001, and incorporated that in the State of California with its office in Los Angeles. Since he moved to Chicago in 2003, he incorporated the Agape Movement in the State of Illinois with its office in Chicago on May 5, 2005. He keeps his role as president of the Agape Movement and donates his own money and receives donations from kind contributors to support its various programs.

Contact Informations

Donors are welcome to help social service and Christian missionary programs. Your contributions will be tax deductible in the United States. Checks are accepted only in the name of "Agape Movement.To receive information on donations, please direct your query to the Founding President of Agape Movement Fr Abraham Mutholath at mutholath2000@gmail.com. XXXX


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