The Mutholath Auditorium is an elegant and air-conditioned space that can be used for banquets, public meetings, conferences, and other gatherings. It has enough parking spaces and a large lower level for other purposes. The main hall has a capacity of 650 people. It is wheelchair accessible.

Mutholath Auditorium is on the highway side of Ettumanoor Pala road at Cherpunkal village in Kottayam District, Kerala State, India. All the revenue generated is dedicated to the upkeep of the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan at Cherpunkal. Both establishments within Mutholath Nagar in Cherpunkal supply aid to the differently abled and their families.

The Kottayam Social Service Society, the social service department of the Archdiocese of Kottayam, operates Mutholath Auditorium, Impact Centre for residential programs, Good Samaritan Centre for the deaf-blind, and Agape Bhavan for the physically and mentally disabled. These are all in Mutholath Nagar, Cherpunkal.

Interior of Mutholath Auditorium during the inauguration of the auditorium.


Based on the understanding reached by Fr. Abraham Mutholath and Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, the director of Kottayam Social Service Society (KSSS), Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt gave permission on September 10, 2014 to build Mutholath Auditorium in the premises of Good Samaritan Center with the full financial support of Fr. Abraham Mutholath. Mar Moolakkatt laid the foundation stone for the auditorium in September 2014. Fr. Mutholath met with Mar Mathew Moolakkatt in Chicago on September 26, 2014 to work out further details of the auditorium.

The reasoning behind the construction of this auditorium was: Though Sense International was supporting the Deafblind programme at Good Samaritan Centre, KSSSS had to develop an additional source of income for continued financial support of the centre. The availability of an auditorium there would serve for public gatherings of KSSS activities and the income generated by renting the building for public needs would be a source of support and sustainability for the Samaritan Centre. As an auditorium for the public is a felt need at Cherpunkal, there was scope for the proposed auditorium. It could also be a Silver Jubilee Memorial of KSSS.

The construction of the auditorium progressed under the guidance of Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Diocesan Procurator Fr. Alex Akkapparambil, KSSS director Fr. Bins Chethalil and under the supervision of Fr. Sujith Kanjirathummoottil.


Major Archbishop of the Syro Malabar Church Mar George Cardinal Alencherry blessed and inaugurated this auditorium on 14th February 2017. His Grace Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt presided over the public meeting. Mar George Palliparambil, Bishop of Miao and Mons Joseph MLA spoke on the occasion.

In his inaugural speech, Cardinal Mar George Alencherry requested Mar Mathew Moolakkatt to name the Samaritan Campus Mutholath Nagar. So, in consultation with the pastoral council, Mar Mathew Moolakkatt named the campus Mutholath Nagar.

This air-conditioned and beautifully furnished auditorium is used by the public for wedding banquets, and KSSS is using it for social service meetings.

Inauguration of Mutholath Auditorium by Major Archbishop Mar George Cardinal Alencherry.


2014 September 10: Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, the Archbishop of Kottayam, gave permission to construct Mutholath Auditorium.

2014 September: Mar Mathew Moolakkatt laid the foundation stone for the auditorium.

2014 September 26: Mar Mathew Moolakkatt and Fr. Abraham Mutholath made further plans for the auditorium project.

2017 February 14: Blessing and inauguration of the auditorium by Major Archbishop Cardinal Mar George Cardinal Alencherry. His Grace Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt presided over the public meeting. Mar George Palliparambil, Bishop of Miao and Mons Joseph MLA spoke on the occasion.

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