Agape means unselfish love. The Agape Movement develops a loving relationship between its members. This includes individuals, patrons, sponsoring organizations, executing agencies, and beneficiaries of aid. All are equally important for the Agape Movement. We hold the view that all things belong to God, who is the parent of all people. As children of God, every individual is of equal importance. Following the model of Jesus, we love all people regardless of their background, beliefs, and nationality, and we assist them in their endeavors to succeed in society.

Our Mission

The mission of Agape Movement is to enhance the lives of those in society who are vulnerable in India and the United States by giving them support to become self-sufficient through awareness programs, self-help groups, community-based rehabilitation (CBR), education, and self-employment, in tandem with providing for their necessities such as emergency relief, medical support, and healthy living conditions.

A Tax
Exempt Non-profit Corporation

Agape Movement is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) exemption status in the U.S. Donations made in the United States are exempt from income tax. This organization was incorporated in the state of California on July 13, 2001. This corporation has its registration in the State of Illinois and its office is in Chicago.


We accept donations regardless of the donor's religious affiliation. Checks shall be written in the name of "Agape Movement.

Our help will be available to any individual who is deserving within our areas of operation in the United States and India.

Funds can be donated to support social service initiatives or Christian pastoral and missionary objectives.

Donations will only be used according to the donors' wishes.

Our Policy

Our help in India is administered solely through our legally accepted organizations.

Our priority is to fund programs of self-help groups, Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programs, and Christian Missionary Services.

As we have already given our approval to certain social service and pastoral organizations in the USA and India, we are not accepting applications from any new ones.

Projects Agape Movement

Agape Movement supported the following types of projects throughout many years since its establishment in 2001.
Institutions sponsored by Agape Movement and administered by Kottayam Social Service Society of the Archeparchy of Kottayam.
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