Donation can be for common projects or for sponsorship programs as per preference of the donor. What we give below are suggested amount. Any amount will be accepted as donation. The sponsorship programs shall be for social service projects or for religious projects. Sponsorship programs are the following. [TOP]


  The social service projects will have a developmental approach. That means the goal will be to lead the economically backward people from dependency to self-reliance. We will give priority in organizing self-help groups of the low-income people and to support the members of such groups. In exceptional cases, we support those who are not members of self-help groups. When there is a genuine need we also take up charity and emergency projects.  

   1. SPONSOR A HOUSE CONSTRUCTION: $1,000 and above.  

  Most of the poor people in India live in independent huts. Most of them might have a small property but no safe house. Such people need support for house construction. The amount we provide shall be an incentive for them to raise some local money and use their own small savings to construct a durable small house of their own. The suggested contribution for a house is $1,000.  

  We will collect and give to the donor the details of the family along with photographs of the old and new houses through the sponsoring organization in India.  


   2. SPONSOR A HOUSE REPAIR: $500 and above.  

  Many poor people in India live in small houses constructed with their small income and help from government, church, social service organisations, or local well wishers. However many of such houses are not be fully constructed because of lack of fund. Some houses may not have strong roofs resulting in dangerous situation. Some roofs may be leaking during rainy season. Some are damaged by heavy rain and wind. Because of tropical climate, worms and fungus destroy the wooden portions of roof. Some other houses may not have strong walls. They shall be using sack cloths to cover the sides. It is unsafe for living in such houses especially for young women. The floor of some houses shall not be concreted. Instead they use mud and cow dung, which are unhealthy. Such families need financial support to make their house safe and strong. The suggested contribution for a house repair is $500.  

  We will collect and give to the donor the details of the family along with photographs of the old and new houses through the sponsoring organization in India.  


    3. SPONSOR A STUDENT: $ 250 per year for 2 or 3 years

   Children in India get primary education at low cost. However, job-oriented courses like Nursing, Engineering, Social Workand IT are expensive. So only students from high-income families attend such courses. If we provide financial support for students from low-income families, they can attend such courses and become self-sufficient. Since such courses take two to three years, we suggest to provide $ 250 dollars each for two or three years according to the duration of the course.  

  We will collect and give to the donor the details of the student, his or her photograph, the achievements of the student, and letter of thanks through the sponsoring organization in India.  


   5. SPONSOR A HANDICAPPED: $250 once / $20 per month  

  There are many physically or mentally disabled children or adult in several families. This program will sponsor such individuals or their families for their treatment, education, purchase of equipment, or for income generation programs as per need of the case. If the project is for income generation program for the person or the family, we suggest $250 as a lump sum grant. Others shall be given $20 per month.

   We will collect and give to the donor the details of the handicapped person, his or her photograph, the achievements because of the help, and letter of thanks through the sponsoring organization in India.  


   6. SPONSOR A PATIENT: $250 once / $20 per month

  There are chronically ill patients who need constant treatment or those who need high amount for immediate treatment like surgery. This program will support such patients. If the patient needs one time support for surgery or similar expense, we will provide $250 as one time help. We shall provide $20 per month for those who need constant treatment.

  We will collect and give to the donor the details of the sick person, his or her photograph, the achievements because of the help, and letter of thanks through the sponsoring organization in India.



   in collaboration with Kidney Federation of India and Kottayam Social Service Soceity, we support Kidney Disease Prevetion Seminars in the villages of Kerala. This will help to identify people with kideney disease, start treatmet at an early stage, help people to prevent kidney disease. Suggestion donation per one day seminar is $250.

   The sponsor can also suggest a village of his choice for the seminar. We will give a report of the implementation of the project along with photographs.





  In the remote villages of North India, we support the construction of village chapels that are used for Holy Mass and Religious Education. Such churces are durable and low-cost buildings constructed with the manual labor and local contribution of the parishioners. Many of such village churches have less number a parishioners. However, once a church is constructed, it will attract more people to the church. The suggested minimum donation for a church is $10,000.

  The donor's name can be inscribed and displayed on the front wall of the church until that building lasts. The sponsor will get relevant photographs of the sponsored church once its work is completed. The parishioners will be praying for the donor and his or her intentions.


   B. SPONSOR A BIKE $1,100

   The missionary priests in some areas in India is in need of motorcycles to travel from one village to another for preaching and offering Holy Mass. Since roads are not well maintained, they need relaible means of transportation.   

  The sponsor will get report and photograph of the sponsored vehicle and the missionary. 


   5. SPONSOR A SEMINARIAN: $250 per year

   You might have considered yourself becoming a missionary or secular priest any time in your life and could not make it. Or you might have wished that you could send one of your children for the same. But those thoughts remain as dream. How about sponsoring a seminarian by supporting for seminary training and praying for him? You will eventually have a priest or missionary who will be your spiritual son. There is rare chance that your sponsored student might drop from the seminary. Then don’t get disappointed. At least you have helped for his religious training to become a good lay missionary. You will get another seminarian as your spiritual son.

   The sponsor will pray for the seminarian and contribute $250 per year till the completion of his course (usually 10 years). You will get the photograph and details of the seminarian. He will also pray for you and write you letters of thanks.



   Agape Movement shall not normally select the beneficiaries. We will entrust that responsibility to reliable organizations, institutions, dioceses or churches in India. However, donor’s priority will be respected in the selection of sponsoring organization or beneficiary. For example if a donor requests to support with his or her contribution a particular institution or parish or village we will try to respect that. In such instances, Agape Movement may not be able to get reports and photographs in time from some of those organizations or beneficiaries. The donor may have to contact them directly to track the progress of the project and to receive the reports and photographs.

   Agape Movement shall give priority to support members of self-help groups organized by social service societies. Help should reach the most deserving without any discrimination of caste or creed.



  Administrative expenses of Agape Movement and sponsoring organizations shall be minimum so that maximum amount shall reach the needy without any injustice. In most cases, we deliver 100% of the donated amount to the beneficiaries. 


     - Holy mass and prayers will be offered for the intentions of the donors.
     - Those who receive benefit of the projects will be encouraged to pray for their sponsors and to write thank you letters to their sponsors. Direct help to the already supported beneficiary or sponsoring organization should be avoided because beneficiaries or organizations will have a tendency to ask for direct help by giving false information.
     -     Those who sponsor individuals or special projects will get report and photographs of their project.
     -     The donors in the US are eligible to get tax exemption for the amount they donate through Agape Movement.