Bhavan in Malayalam, local language in Kerala state in South India, means home.

AGAPE BHAVAN at Cherpunkal is an institution built up on the true meaning of selfless and sharing love.

Fr. Abraham Mutholath bought the land for Agape Bhavan and constructed a building for it and donated to Kottayam Social Service Society, the Social Service Department of the Archdiocese of Kottayam on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of his priestly ordination.

First a classroom was constructed for the initial functioning of the institution. A Day Care Center for the mentally and physically disabled children was started on August 16, 2004. There were only four children at the initial stage. Eventually the number of students and activities have increased to 26. Transpiration facility is arranged to bring students from their homes and to drop them back in the evenings.

There is an assembly held for the students every day and a yoga session for three quarters of an hour. The students are divided into three classes and training is imported according to their mental capacity along with physiotherapy. In the afternoon session a prayer is followed by classes on, Moral science, Personality development and Cultural activities. Vocational trainings like cover making, bookbinding, making of handicrafts is provided on two of the days.

Classes and seminars are arranged for teachers every month. C.R.C (Case Review Committee) meetings were held twice every month. Case history and Individual training methods were discussed in that meeting. Seminars are also conducted for parents and siblings of these students. Once in three months PTA (Parents Teachers Association) meeting is conducted to plan and evaluate the school activities.

Considering the need for more rooms, second stage of construction was started on June 30, 2005. The blessing and inauguration of the completed building of Agape Bhavan was held along with Silver Jubilee of priestly ordination of Fr. Abraham Mutholath was held on January 2, 2006. The 39 cents of land along with Agape Bhavan was officially handed over to KSSS during this function.