Human life is based on relationships. Without mutual love and support, life is worthless. Like the early Christian community, Agape Movement is for the development of mutual relationship of people associated with it. These include members, donors, sponsoring organizations, implementing agencies and recipients of support. All are equally important for Agape Movement. The donors, while giving, receive the love and prayer of the recipients. The recipients in turn are also donors of love and prayer for those who support them. All of us try to build a society of love, justice, and peace.

People in the Agape Movement believe that everything belongs to God who is the father of all people. Being children of God, all people are equally important. We are trustees of God who gives us health, talents, opportunities, and wealth. We have to share what we have with our fellow brothers and sisters. Jesus has taught us to pay special attention to the less fortunate in the society. Following the model of Jesus, we love all people irrespective of their backwardness, believes, and nationality and help them in their developmental attempts to come up in the society.

All religious and social leaders teach us to love and to support those who are weak in the society. However, care should be taken to prevent laziness and dependency of the recipients. Our support should be oriented to help the people to become self-reliant. So Agape Movement prefers to support sponsor organizations that have developmental approach and to support individuals who are members of self-help groups.

We shall accept donations from people of any faith and they shall be used according to the donors’ intentions only. Our help will be available to all deserving people without any discrimination. Donations received for religious purposes shall be used for that purpose and contributions given for social service activities shall be used for that purpose only.

The following is our mission statement: Agape Movement is dedicated to help the less fortunate in the society in their attempts to improve their life and to cooperate with individuals and organizations that are generous to do the same. Following the values of Jesus, we try to uphold the universal love with the goal of a just society where justice, peace, and development are assured for all without discrimination. Along with result-oriented action and loving relationship, we give importance to credibility and accountability of all concerned. 


This corporation is a registered nonprofit PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public, charitable, and religious purposes. 

The specific purpose of this corporation is to help the less fortunate in the society in their attempts to improve their life and to cooperate with individuals and organizations that are generous to do the same.

Following the values of Jesus, we try to uphold the universal love with the goal of a just society where justice, peace, and development are assured for all without discrimination. Our goal is to promote the loving and sharing spirit of the early Christian community that must lead to result-oriented actions and loving relationship.


The following are the objectives of Agape Movement:

To develop a loving relationship with all involved in the Agape Movement including the donors, sponsoring organizations, implementing agencies and recipients.

To share our love and resources with those who need our care and support.

To seek the contributions of individuals and foundations or other organizations for the integral development of the people in need and to support the deserving mission activities. At present the parishioners of Sacred Heart and St. Mary's Knanaya Catholic parishes are the major contributors of Agape Movement. However, we are getting great support from others also.

To support social service agencies and Christian missionaries in developing countries with special priority to India. Kottayam Social Service Society (KSSS), Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS), Chaithanya Pastoral Center, and Barmariam Pastoral Centre in Kerala are our officially recognized implementing agencies in Kerala. There are official social service and pastoral departments of the Archdiocese of Kottayam. We also implement pastoral programs through other institutions of Catholic Dioceses in India.

To arrange opportunities for donors and the public to learn about the issues facing the marginalized and those who work for the marginalized.

To organize meetings, multimedia presentations, website, publications etc. to educate public on social service.

To directly support deserving individuals or institutions in the United States or abroad.

To establish the corporation’s own welfare and developmental programs for people who need help.

To do all things necessary to accomplish the objectives of any religious, developmental, or charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.


Agape Movement deals with different types of projects as per need of the people it assists. However, the corporation also respects the wishes of the donors. Agape Movement offers the following classes of help:


These include several donor-sponsored programs that provide one-time help or on going help. For example, sponsor a house construction, a house repair, a student, a seminarian etc. 


These are projects that are supported by Agape Movement from the general donations received. They shall include developmental projects and emergency projects. Current projects are:

1. Samaritan Award to recognize an outstanding social worker in India every year with cash award and public honor. The first award was given to Dayabai (Mercy Mathew), on Sunday, January 29, 2012 at Chaithanya Pastoral Center by Mr. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishan, Honorable Revenue Minister of Kerala. KSSS is implementing this program.

2. Agape Family Renewal Program with the intention of renewing families in selected villages by avoiding alcoholism. This project is implemented by Kottayam Social Service Society (KSSS).

3. Self-help Group formation and development for widows and widowers of Malabar Region implemented through Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS).


If a donor requests to support with his or her contribution a particular individual, institution or village and if it is according to the ideology of Agape Movement, it will be considered.

Major projects in this line are:

1. Agape Bhavan, a CBR rehabilitation Center at Cherpunkal.

2. Knanaya Stars Programs for the talent development of children in Kerala implemented through KSSS and MASSS.

3. Samaritan Center, a CBR resource and training Center at Cherpunkal.


Your donations will be exempt from income tax in the United States. Checks are accepted only in the name of "Agape Movement" and can be mailed to Agape Movement, C/o Fr. Abraham Mutholath, 5212 West Agatite Ave., Chicago, IL, 60630, USA. The purpose of donations and donor's details are to be provided.


The following are the present office bearers of the corporation:

PRESIDENT: Fr. Abraham Mutholathu Jacob, Pastor, Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Parish, Chicago.

SECRETARY: Sunny T. Cherian M.S.W.

TREASURER: Fr. Thomas Mulavanal, Pastor, St. Mary's Knanaya Catholic Parish, Chicago.